Here are some frequently asked questions about our maze:

What should I wear? 

It’s suggested that you wear close-toed shoes to go through the maze, or “Chaco-type” footwear. If it has rained, rubber boots may be appropriate. The Tomball Corn Maze is not responsible for damaged footwear.

Can I bring my stroller or wheelchair in the maze? 

You can, however, please know that our maze is a completely outdoor activity. The maze is located on a working farm and cow pasture. Roads are uneven and could contain ruts. The Tomball Corn Maze is not responsible for any damages sustained to your stroller or wheelchair. Please use at your own risk.

What age is Tomball Corn Maze most appropriate for? 

We welcome all ages to experience our maze! We have specifically designed our maze to be challenging to teens (7th-12th grade) so the maze could seem a bit long for younger kids. However, all ages should enjoy all that the Tomball Corn Maze offers.

Can I leave my child unattended at the farm?

We ask and strongly suggest that you do not leave any child under the age of 13 unattended at the Tomball Corn Maze. We will likely ask an unattended child to call their parent if we see them alone.

How long does it take to get through the maze?

It takes between 45 minutes and one hour to get through the maze and complete the game included within.

Can we go through the maze more than once?

Yes! Your admission price is good for going through the maze multiple times in that day’s visit.

Do you provide a map?

A map is included on the back of the game sheet but you will need to find the special stations to read the map or purchase our Maze-o-Vision glasses ($1.00).

Do you offer any games in the maze?

Yes! You will be provided a game sheet to find the 22 stations within the maze and fill out all the answers.

What activities are included with the price of admission?

Included in the price of admission, are entrance into BOTH mazes– there are 2! You will also be able to play in our courtyard area which includes a Hay Bale Playground, and yard games.

What are the extra attractions?

Additional attractions include Hayrides (Available at limited times) and other fun backyard games. We also have a Pumpkin Patch for purchasing your pumpkins for the Fall season.

What is your outside food policy?

Concessions will be available to those who are visiting the Tomball Corn Maze, but if you would like to bring in your own food, you may do so. Food is not allowed in the maze, but you are welcome to leave your cooler in the courtyard area. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged coolers that are unattended.

Are you open to the public on weekdays?

We are typically only open on the weekends. If you would like to schedule a special event (with a group of 10 or more) please fill out the form online to discuss if the schedule is available to host your group on a weekday.

Do you offer rain checks?

Yes, if weather causes us to cut your visit short and close early, we will provide you with a coupon to return without repurchasing admission. Be sure to get your coupon for each person before you leave! Otherwise, we can not honor the rain check.

When is the best time to visit?

Anytime we are open is the best time to visit! Hayrides are only available at certain times which will be posted here and throughout our site during the season, so if you and your family are interested in a hayride, make sure to visit in that time frame.

What happens if we cut through the maze and/or don’t follow the other listed rules?

If you cut through the maze, or break any of the listed rules, you will be asked to leave the first time a rule is broken.

Can we bring our dog or other family pet?

Please refrain from bringing any animals on site to the Tomball Corn Maze. If you have a service animal, they are permitted to join us at the maze.

Can I eat the corn?

No. Please do not eat the corn. It is feed corn and not tasty for human consumption. The cows in our pasture will love them at the end of the season so please leave them for the cows!